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Small Stages presents The Autopsy of a Cyclops

Sept 3-4, Fri & Sat 7pm | Sept 5, Sun 2:30pm

Tickets on sale now on Eventbrite.

This exclusive, site-specific puppet performance follows a group of scientists as they examine the cyclops' body, uncovering clues to its life and mysterious death, and exploring the plight of the tiny inhabitants residing upon it. An original production that blends music, magical realism and puppetry with narratives of New London, MN that the artist collected while living onsite.

MUSIC written and performed live by Betazoid.

CAST includes: John Mack Cole and Suya Altenberg

PRODUCTION: Erica Warren

Various geological environments making up the body of the cyclops, as well as the stories within, are directly influenced by the place and people of New London with the goal of "exploring contrasting themes of private and public land, science and legend, and colonization and environmentalism."

Designed for small audiences!

** Seating is extremely limited. Book now!

** This event is not wheelchair accessible.

** Masks are required to attend all performances.

Visit for more information.


Ackerman lives in Minneapolis as site director and artist for In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre. Steve is a playwright and puppet artist focusing on quick, crude, high-energy art making. He has his BFA in Acting from East Carolina University and MFA in Playwriting from Southern Illinois University. Previous projects include Action Sequence, Kaboom, and Cartooon!


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