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3rd Annual Silent Filmfest+LiveMusic

Created out of the belief that “silent film is a vital, beautiful, and often overlooked part of film history,” this September 2021 marks the first National Silent Movie Day and our 3rd Annual Silent Film event! Happening Friday and Saturday, Sept 24-25 with musicians Martin Dosh and Kyle Ollah. | TICKETS FOR KYLE | TICKETS FOR DOSH

On Friday, September 24, 2021 musician, Kyle Ollah will accompany Mable Normand’s “Mickey” (1918). Kyle Ollah is a multi-faceted string player equally versed as a solo artist as he is as a music collaborator. His fingerstyle guitar work and folk fiddling have become well-lit fixtures in clubs and dance halls across the upper-midwest.

Mabel Normand stars and produces "Mickey" (1918). Acknowledged as the first silent film to attain “blockbuster” status, this romantic comedy is about a spunky and uncultured orphan raised by her dad’s mining business partner. Will Mickey find true love and fortune in the big city or become Cinderella to her greedy relatives? Genre: comedy, drama, adventure, romance | TICKETS FOR KYLE

On Saturday, September 25, 2021, Dosh will accompany Ernst Lubtsch’s “The Doll” (1919). Nationally acclaimed instrumentalist, Martin Dosh has recorded with Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billie, Fog, Jel, Odd Nosdam, Andrew Bird, Redstart, Def Kith, Vicious Vicious, Lateduster, The Cloak Ox, Goulden Balls and Gaelynn Lea, among others. He works with multiple instruments: keyboards, drums and samplers; incorporating multiple disciplines into a tough-to-pin-down sound.

“The Doll” (1919) feat. Ossi Oswalda tells the story of a young man who will inherit his uncle’s money if he gets married. Will a dollmaker’s technological wonders save the young man from interacting with a real human woman? Genre: comedy, romance, fantasy. | TICKETS FOR DOSH

Each night’s schedule: 5:30p Doors Open | 6:30p Comedy shorts | 7:00p Musician and Silent Film | 9:00p Live DJ Vinyl Dance party.

Enjoy specialty crafted cocktails, beer & wine at the Auditorium Bar and Lounge. Stay or stop in afterwards (9pm-1am) for an all night dance party, including a special vinyl DJ set by DJ Tozer.


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