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Stories Didn't Know - Film Screening Jan 14, 2023

Thank you Rita, Ramona, and Rueben for sharing your experiences thru this film and your generous conversation. And thank you to Kelsey Olson for organizing this enlightening event. To followup on this discussion here are some resources that were mentioned during the Q&A:


In 'Stories I Didn't Know' Rita Davern begins a journey into her family history when she exposes an ugly reality at the heart of a family legend. Rita attempts to understand what happened and why to lead her on a journey that requires facing the complicated legacy of westward expansion in the U.S. Along the way she meets Ramona, a Dakota educator, and her son, Rueben, a Dakota musician and language learner. What Ramona and Reuben's ancestors experienced because of U.S. government policies puts faces and names on this story. Rita listens and learns. She wants to find a way to put something right. We learn the value of finding and facing her past by watching her journey - one that is relatable for many Minnesotans.


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