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Clown Bar ep01 comes to LTA 7/14 & 15

LTA is pleased to present Clown Bar: Episode 1

Written by Adam Szymkowics. Directed by Matt Hegdahl.

Music composed and performed by Andrea Limoges and indie band Jacket.

The rules are strict, the jokes are dark, and the best way to serve a cocktail is to "make it funny." Immerse yourself in the gritty and gruesome world of underground clown-crime. Little Theatre Auditorium turned Clown Bar is after hours home to some once-jolly circus troupers who now get their kicks through sex, drugs, and murder.

Clown Bar’s plot is relatively straightforward: Former clown Happy (an appropriately debonair John Szczur), is now a detective who returns to his old stomping ground to investigate the death of his kid brother and once aspiring funnyman, Timmy (Gavin Johnson).

🔴 Get your free red nose at the door! and a 🤡 "Happy" Hour cocktail/fauxtail discount for those who arrive in clown attire! Don't miss special preshow and aftershow performances!

📌 TICKETS: Sliding scale $10-$30 tickets are available online or at the Door. All tickets are general admission, with first come first serve seating and standing. Please contact with special needs requests.

📌 WHEN: TWO NIGHTS ONLY! Fr-Sa, July 14 &15. 6pm doors open • 6:30pm PreShow (Don't miss this!) • 8pm Clown Bar Episode 1 begins!

📌 WHERE: Little Theatre Auditorium, 24 Central Ave NE, New London, MN 56273

THE CAST - LTA is excited to welcome this local cast and crew!

  • Happy - John Szczur

  • Dusty - Gabriel Ryland

  • Giggles- Malachi Elmhorst

  • Twinkles - Acacia Banken

  • Shotgun - Betsy Shadowick

  • Timmy - Gavin Johnson

  • Petunia - Hope Taylor

  • Popo - Averi Linn

  • Blinky - Nick Shadowick

  • Bobo - Thomas Lovecraft

This performance contains adult themes and/or content that may be inappropriate for children and could be rated R or PG-13.

For more information on content ranking and sliding scale (PWYW) visit:


💝 Please help keep our community safe by not coming if you are sick, and wear a mask (not required at this time, but suggested).


Little Theatre Auditorium is committed to creating a safe, accessible, and inclusive space for all of its visitors, staff, and volunteers. To maintain this safe space and promote respect for everyone at LTA we insist that while on theater property refrain from the following:

  • Verbal or physical abuse or harassment of theater visitors, staff or volunteers

  • Covert and overt hate speech or promotion of current and historical hate groups

  • Disrespect of a visitor, staff member, or volunteer’s identity

  • Repeated disruption or intimidation of theater visitors, staff, or volunteers

  • Attempted vandalism or theft

  • The intentional obstruction of public access ways or prevention of theater staff duties

  • Refusal to follow these policies or the directions of theater staff

If this behavior is observed by, or reported to LTA staff, any person found to have participated in prohibited conduct will be subject to direction including but not limited to being asked to leave or trespassed from the property. The final decision of discipline is at the discretion of LTA staff.


🙏 This activity is funded, in part, by a grant from the Southwest Minnesota Arts Council through an appropriation from the MN State Legislature with money from the State’s general fund.


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