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A happy accidental artist exchange

Atlas & Nik viewing Phoenix's film, "Little Men" with Nerburn's portrait of a potato titled "Postcard from Mom's Trip to North Dakota" and "Ball of Twine" on display nearby. (June 10, 2023)

Earlier this month Atlas O Phoenix showed their films "Little Men", "Do I Qualify for Love" and "Ordinary." At the same time, Nik Nerburn's "Invoke Any Magic You Can" LTA exhibition was scheduled to be taken down the following day. Together, Nik (a straight, white, cisgender, cross-disciplinary photographer/installation artist of rural Minnesota), and Atlas, (a nonbinary, transmasculine of color, filmmaker/auteur from Minneapolis), met and carpooled to LTA in what resulted in an abundant artist exchange and conversation.

Thank you both for enriching our lives and sharing yourselves and your perspectives so freely. It was an absolute pleasure to host these extraordinary people!

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